We import quality bamboo gazeboos into Canada. Our quality matches or surpasses USA, Canadian and European standards. We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and designs while utilizing the finest “A” grade rattan and bamboo poles available in the industry for the construction of our exceptional high quality Gazebos.

Solid Construction

All joints are also cemented with a 2 part epoxy resin, even the bindings are epoxy cemented!

We only use Philippine “A” grade Bamboo, because of its heavier and thicker wall composition, rather then the inferior bamboo from China, South America or even Bali.

All our bamboo and wood materials are seasoned and treated for protection from insects and fungus growth and to North American and European Customs requirements.

Premium 4 coats of the highest grade Polyurethane finish with UV protection is used for our outdoor products.

You will not find higher quality Bamboo Gazebos anywhere else, we guarantee that.

How do you’re prices compare to others?

I know you will not be able to get a better price anywhere for our quality Gazebos!
Our Bamboo products can match or beat any other comparable product constructed out of Cedar and or most dimensional lumber.

What is the life expectancy of outdoor Bamboo?

Without any hesitation, all of our outdoor bamboo products will last at least 10 to 20 or more years with just basic care, as in cleaning and finish touch ups.

What is the life expectancy of indoor Bamboo?

All of our indoor bamboo products will last for generations, with basic cleaning and care.

Bamboo Escapes Gazebo's


Penticton BC